Why you should get an annual solar pool heating service

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Annual solar pool heater servicing

If you own a solar pool heating system, it’s important to service it annually. Why? Well, think of a car in the same way. Both are a significant investment. Do you service your car at least once or twice a year to ensure that everything is operating smoothly? You should do the same for your solar pool heating! Regular servicing can increase the lifetime of your system and ensure that it’s running perfectly and efficiently. When summer comes around, you’ll want to ensure that your panels, sensors and pumps are working as well as they possibly can. Here is our guide on why you should get an annual solar pool heating service in Sydney. We’ll discuss the best time to service it and what you should expect.

Why should I get annual pool solar heating repairs and service?

Most solar pool heating systems and panels such as those manufactured by Heliocol, are designed to be extremely efficient. They provide high-performance heating with technologically advanced panel and system designs. However, as dependable as they are, they are not resistant to the general wear and tear that all products are subjected to. Solar pool heating is designed for year-round usage.  After some consistent heating, parts can begin to break down over time. This is why it’s so important to service your solar pool heating system annually. Maintenance is a preventative measure to ensure that your solar pool heating continues to run at its full capacity. These systems can see a lot of use, and regular maintenance will prevent any issues that could arise in the future.

Guarantee your systems performance

All components of a solar pool heating system work together, pumping, heating and transferring water. If one component in your system begins to wear down and fall behind, it can affect the efficiency and performance of your entire system. Once your system becomes less efficient, it will start to incur an increase in operating costs. It also increases the possibility that other components will begin to break down, as they subsequently have to work harder to continue the heating process. Spending a relatively small amount of money on annual pool solar heating repairs and a service is much more cost-effective when compared to paying for the replacement of an entire system after it’s broken down completely.

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When should I service my solar pool heating system?

If you are using your solar heating system semi-regularly, you should aim to book in for a service at least once a year. The best time to service your solar pool heating system is when it’s being used the least. For most people, this is during winter, when it’s too cold to use the pool. Most people with swimming pool solar heating in Sydney will tend to use it from spring into summer. Servicing your heating system in winter is the best time to do so. It ensures that your heating is working smoothly and efficiently by the time spring comes around. It will reduce the likelihood of any small issues developing into bigger problems when you start using your pool more regularly in the warmer weather.

What is the average lifetime of a solar pool heating system?

Many people will purchase a pool gas heater or a pool heat pump due to their fast-heating capabilities. However, these pool heating systems are notorious for their higher operating costs and shorter lifespans. A standard pool gas heater or pool heat pump in Sydney may last around 10 years, whereas a solar pool heating system could run smoothly for over 25 years. Of course, this all depends on how well the system is looked after. With regular pool solar heating repairs and servicing, your system is much more likely to last for a long time. All heating systems will break down eventually, but there are a few certain factors that could have an effect on the lifespan of your system. The harsh Australian weather conditions can cause your equipment to become damaged over time. To combat this, you can install a cover to protect your heating unit. Harsh weather is also responsible for power outages and power surges which can also cause components to break down faster. However, if you regularly service your system, its lifetime can be extended by a significant amount of time. 

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To maximise the efficiency, performance and the lifetime of your solar pool heating system, you should service it annually, and preferably during winter. If you’re looking for an expert to provide your solar pool heating system with a service, get in touch with our specialist team. Working as solar pool heating installers in Sydney, we have years of experience in carrying out solar pool heating repairs, maintenance and services for our valued clients. If you’re interested in booking in for a service, please visit our contact page here.

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