The effect of rising energy costs on pool heating

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Heating a pool during an energy price crisis

It’s no surprise to many of us that energy prices are increasing. From the petrol we buy to the increases in our electricity and gas bills, everyone is aware that energy is becoming more expensive. In fact, the World Bank’s energy price index increased by 26.3% between January and April 2022. This came just after a 50% increase between January 2020 and December 2021. This huge increase indicates the continuously rising price of energy sourced from coal, oil, and natural gases. Crude oil prices have increased by 350% from April 2020 to April 2022. This is the the largest increase for any two-year period since the 1970s. So how could you minimise your costs without sacrificing your energy usage? What’s the best way to save money and still enjoy your pool amidst an energy crisis? Solar pool heating could be the solution.

Lowering your pools energy usage

Did you know that a standard pool heat pump in Sydney can cost around $10 a day to run? Whilst it might not seem like a lot, if you account for all the times that you use your pool throughout the year, the costs can start to add up. That’s where solar pool heating comes in. When you utilise solar power, your operational costs drop to next to nothing with your water being heated for free. The only energy required for your unit will be used to power the pumps, which is very inexpensive. The Reserve Bank of Australia has forecasted that electricity and gas prices will increase by up to 15% in the second half of 2022. There’s also a similar increase expected for next year as well. With increases looming, the best thing that Australian homeowners can do is switch to solar. Solar systems harvest energy from the sun in order to provide heat to your pool.

How does a solar system provide free energy?

A solar pool heating system operates by transferring your pool water into solar panels or collectors. These collectors absorb heat from the sun before transferring the water back into the pool. There are four main components to a solar pool heating system. The solar collector, filters, pump and solar control valves. Firstly, the automatic solar control valves will detect when your water is below the set temperature. When this occurs, they will open, allowing water to pass through and be pumped to the solar collector. This is usually mounted on the roof of your home. The water sits in the collector until the sun has increased it to the set temperature. This then opens the automatic flow valve which allows the system to pump the warm water back into your pool. This increases the overall water temperature. Rather than requiring electricity or gas to heat your pool, a solar pool heating system can utilise a free, natural resource that’s also great for the environment. Take advantage of swimming pool solar heating in Sydney and start saving.

Sydney pool solar

Variable speed pumps for increased efficiency

To maximise the efficiency of your solar pool heating and reduce your costs even further, the system is best paired with a variable speed pump. These pumps are able to operate at different speeds at different times. This is opposed to operating your pump on one single speed at all times. Operating at lower speeds when the pump is not required ensures that the energy needed to operate the pump for your pool and solar heating system is reduced. It’s recommended that you purchase a variable speed pump with an energy rating of at least 8 stars to maximise your energy efficiency. At Sydney Solar solutions, we’ll help you to choose the right variable speed pump for your existing system. We’ll also guide you through how to ensure that your solar heating system remains as efficient as possible into the future. Operating as solar pool heating installers in Sydney for over 10 years, we have the experience to ensure that you know how to maximise your heating performance.

The benefits of solar pool blankets

Another great way to reduce your operating costs is to install a solar pool blanket. This will not only keep your pool clear of debris (reducing cleaning costs), but will also trap the heat within your pool to ensure that it stays as warm as possible. This then reduces the need to consistently heat your water after it cools. A solar pool blanket harnesses energy from the sun using a magnifying effect found in the bubbles on the covers surface. This subsequently increases the temperature of the water below, whilst creating a barrier that helps to retain the heat.    

The experts in solar pool heating on the northern beaches

If you’re looking to fight the rising energy costs and still enjoy your pool, a solar pool heating system is the way forward. Taking advantage of a free natural resource, a solar heating system will ensure that you no longer have to pay for energy to heat your pool. Whilst there may be an upfront cost, making the switch to solar will save you money in the long run. Don’t watch your operational costs continue to increase year after year. Go solar. If you’re looking for solar pool heating installer in Sydney, get in touch with our team of solar specialists at Sydney Solar Solutions. Visit our contact page here to discuss your needs and organise a free quote.

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