Solar Pool Heating Sydney

A solar pool heating system is simply a heating device for your pool that utilises solar energy from the sun in order to create heat. These solar heating systems have been around for some time, but new technology is making them even more effective.

These innovative systems are becoming more popular amongst pool owners, and for good reason. They are effective, affordable and with their high durability and reliability, you won’t have to worry about mechanical issues and parts breaking down. They also require minimal operating costs and are great for the environment.

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Why Solar Pool Heating

Advantages of Solar Pool Heating


With a 25-year limited warranty, we can guarantee that your solar heating systems is built to last and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Heats your pool effectively

Solar pool heating can provide heat to your pool and increase its temperature by 5-15 degrees, depending on how much heat the sun provides.

Minimal maintenance

Our solar panels generally do not no require maintenance, just set and forget.

Saves you money

Solar heating will dramatically reduce your heating costs, whilst allowing you to swim comfortably throughout the year.

Environmentally friendly

Solar pool heating systems leverage the sun’s natural energy to warm your pool, emitting no air pollution and reducing your carbon footprint in the process!

Cockatoo Tough

Heliocol Solar, is made with tough polypropylene construction, makes it very resistant to cockatoos, possums and other vermin.


No.1 Solar Pool Heating System in the world.

400,000 solar heating systems installed in over 50 countries


The original and the best

Since 1973, there have been over 400,000 Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems installed in over 50 countries


More swimming, more money in your pocket

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems are designed to lower your energy costs, extend your swim season, increase the value of your property shrink your carbon footprint.

Solar Pool Heating Installation

Solar pool heating is a very efficient and cost-effective method to heat your pool without the use of gas. At Sydney Solar Solutions, we sell and install high-quality solar pool heating systems to get your pool heated up and ready in no time. With nearly 20 years’ experience in pool heating, we can offer unparalleled advice on product selection, installation location, energy efficiency and product suitability and selection.

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engineered for life

Heliocol Solar Panels

We sell and install Heliocol  solar panels, which have a reputation for unbeatable quality. Investing in Heliocol panels will save you money and improve your pool to receive heat when you need it.

Utilising solar energy, Heliocol solar pool heating installed in Sydney can keep your pool heated well into the colder months. You can enjoy early morning swims, backyard BBQ’s, and pool days for longer, with Heliocol solar panels.

Heliocol solar pool heating systems are renowned for their attention to detail and high-quality design. Their high standard design has great reviews from hundreds of happy customers who value this product for their its effectiveness, reliability, and affordability.

The Heliocol original roof mounting clamp system securely mounts the panel to any roof without interference. Their panels and their mounts are extremely durable, and are specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Heliocol has created Over-Moulding Injection Technology which is used in the panels to improve their strength. It helps to ensure that the system remains leak-proof and structurally sound, removing the need for regular maintenance. The Heliocol original roof mounting clamp system securely mounts the panel to any roof without interference, keeping your panels safe.

Our Heliocol solar heating systems can also work in conjunction with our pool heat pumps to ensure you can swim all year round.

Heliocol offer a 12* year product warranty on Cockatoo damages (5 years in addition to 7 years pro rata). They also offer a 25* year manufacturer’s warranty (12 years warranty on all Heliocol manufactured parts in addition to 13 years pro rata). For further product information please visit mageneco.com.au

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Control your solar from the palm of your hand

Solar controllers are used to automatically regulate the temperature of a swimming pool. They are set and forget, meaning that once you have optimised your settings for your pool, the controller will automatically heat your pool when it’s required. Once the ideal temperature is set, the solar controller is able to calculate a level of energy efficient solar pool heating, making it easier than ever to heat your pool effectively. Solar controllers can also control other aspects of your pool, such as your pump or lighting set up. With their innovative design, solar controllers make it easy to configure your settings and get your pool automated without the need for expensive equipment.

We install both Aquasmart and Aquatek solar controllers. Complete with a user-friendly interface and durable protective casing, these controllers are regarded as the leading products in their category. They can control your single or variable speed pumps, sanitisers, heating, lights, water features and more. You can even download the Aquatek app on your smart phone to control all aspects of your pool from the palm of your hand.

Pool Chlorination Sydney

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Commercial Solar Pool Heating

To help combat rising energy prices, solar heating utilises natural power to save commercial pool operators money

Whether you have a small domestic solar heating set up, or you’re operating a commercial Olympic size pool heating system, a solar pool heater is an extremely cost-effective heating method that will return your investment within just 3 years.

Heliocol systems are responsible for the heating of hundreds of commercial pools around Australia. Chosen for their reliability and performance, they also require very little maintenance, making Heliocol one of Australia’s top solar heating suppliers.

Sydney solar solutions

Heliocol dealers are trained:

  • To evaluate the requirements of commercial pool operators
  • To make valuable recommendations based on their training and experience
  • To ensure that heating systems are installed by trained employees

Indoor Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Investing in a quality solar heating system will save you money in the future

  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Start saving and get a fast return on your investment
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Warranty coverage
  • Meets all major international standards
Sydney solar solutions
Sydney solar solutions

Outdoor Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Heat your pool and enjoy an extended swimming season without paying for electricity or gas!

  • No operating costs
  • Fast payback period
  • Extended and detailed warranty
  • No maintenance or replacements needed
  • Most popular outdoor commercial solar heating system on the market


Depending on the size of your pool solar system and the weather you can increase your pool’s temperature by an average of 8 degrees.

Yes! Our pool solar panels come in a modular design that allows for a range of installation options to accommodate existing PV solar and even flat roofs! Learn more here

Yes! We can connect everything up to your existing systems. With 20 years’ experience there is nothing we haven’t seen before!

Yes! You are essentially using the free energy of the sun to warm your pool. Solar doesn’t require a lot of upkeep either and they last for decades, so there area very minimal amount of ongoing operating costs.

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