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Solar pool heating vs pool heat pumps in Sydney

If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are that you’re researching the best way to heat your swimming pool. Or perhaps you’re just interested to know how different heating systems perform. When it comes to efficiency and practicality, there are two main contenders for pool heating systems. Solar pool heating and electric heat pumps. Both provide effective heating capabilities and utilise the latest technology to bring heat to your pool efficiently and affordably. However, there are some major differences between the two heating systems. Keep reading to find out more.


Solar pool heating

With some help from the Australian weather, solar pool heating is one of the most cost-effective methods of heating your pool. Swimming pool solar heating in Sydney is highly effective due to the intensity of the sun throughout the year. These solar systems harness free energy from the sun to heat the water. They operate by pumping water from the pool into a series of tubes called “collectors” which make up a panel. This panel is usually situated on a roof, and it will heat the water as it passes through. The water is then directed back into the pool and the temperature increases.



Free energy

As the solar system harnesses energy from the sun, you are utilising a free power source. This will dramatically reduce your operating costs to almost 0, as the pumps are the only component that requires a small amount of electricity. All of the heating is free, and this can save you a great deal of money over time. The system will generally pay for itself in a few years, leaving you with free power.



Solar pool heating is also great for the environment as there is no electricity or gas required to heat the water. Why not save yourself some money and help the environment at the same time. If you’re using your pool heating regularly, you are preventing energy wastage by going solar.



Collector panel challenges

The collector panels on a solar heating system can be large in size, which is why they’re usually situated on the roof. Depending on your home’s layout and orientation it could be difficult to fit the panels. Panels also need the correct orientation to work effectively. If you’re unsure about panel installation, feel free to contact us to discuss your property and the possibilities for solar heating.



Solar panels are dependent on the presence of the sun, and will only work effectively with adequate sunshine. Shade can also affect the heating times, which is why panel orientation is so important. When considering solar pool heating, be sure to speak to a professional solar pool heating installer with plenty of experience so they can advise on the best location for your panels in order to absorb the most sunshine.

Sydney pool heating

Pool heat pumps

A heat pump is another highly effective pool heating system, designed to run off electricity and heat your pool. Basically, a heat pump is like the reverse of a refrigerator. It sucks in ambient air from outside using a fan, which is then transferred through a series of pipes and heated using refrigerant. This heat is then transferred back to the pool in a constant cycle of heating and pumping the water. Heat pumps are so efficient because they produce much more energy in terms of heat than they use electrically.



Energy efficient

With every 1kw of energy used, a heat pump produces 5kw of energy to heat your pool. This makes it extremely energy efficient, providing heat all year round regardless of the weather with only a small amount of energy used. With a pool blanket, you may only spend around $500 for electric pool heating in Sydney over the course of a year.



Without their reliance on daylight and the sunshine, heat pumps provide an effective method to create heat even during colder periods. They will also be able to heat your pool faster than a solar pool heating system.



Expensive outright

With their expensive price tag, electric pool heating systems aren’t cheap to purchase outright. However, a quality machine will pay for itself over time, and you pay for the quality of the product which is extremely reliable and durable. However, if you’re looking for the cheapest system to install, a heat pump may not be your ideal choice. Additionally, although heat pumps are energy efficient, they will still cost more to run than a solar pool heating system. 


Not as fast as gas heating

Whilst a heat pump is more effective at producing fast heat than a solar pool heating system, they are still not as fast as gas heaters. If you’re looking for instant heat at a moment’s notice, a gas heater may be a better option for you.


Sydney pool heating specialists

Taking a look at both heating systems, there are clear benefits and drawbacks to each. It just depends on your priorities and how you plan to use your pool. Luckily, the weather in Sydney provides adequate sunshine for a solar pool heating system to deliver the warmer pool temperatures you may desire for a cheaper price tag than pool heat pumps. However, if your property doesn’t suit the equipment, it may be worth considering an electric heat pump.


If you’re interested in purchasing solar pool heating or electric pool heating in Sydney, or you want to discuss the available options for your pool, we can help. Get in touch with our team of specialists at Sydney Solar Solutions at our contact page here and we can give you advice on the best system for your pool.

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