Overcoming Shade Challenges with a Solar Pool Heating Installation in Bellevue Hill

Solar Pool Installation Bellevue Hiill

Our most recent pool solar installation in Bellevue Hill overcame a range of challenges for our client. This harbourside town in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, not far from Bondi Junction, needed an 80,000 litre pool heated year-round for swimming. 

The challenge: 

The challenge was that this swimming pool was situated in almost full shade, a situation that had proven to be a formidable obstacle for other companies. Who had previously quoted the solar pool heating installation. The pool had never exceeded 24 degrees due to its shaded location. This made it difficult for traditional pool heating systems to provide effective solutions. Other companies had deemed the installation impossible, leaving the client without a viable pool heating option.


Our team at Sydney Solar Solutions proposed the use of Heliocol HC50 pool solar panels, known for their superior performance and adaptability. These panels were specifically chosen for their ability to efficiently heat pools, even in challenging conditions. Not only are these pool solar panels great for tricky shaded areas, they also come with a 25-year limited warranty. Proving they are designed to withstand all weather conditions and cockatoos, possums and other vermin. We were confident we could increase the temperature of this client’s pool with the combination of this product. And our advanced installation techniques. Learn about how much warmer solar pool heating can make your pool

Installation Approach:

Roof Utilisation: The flat membrane roof of the property was utilised to install the Heliocol Pool Solar Panels.

Adhesive Mounting: To avoid any roof penetrations, we employed an adhesive method to secure the mounting pads. And pipe work, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing structure.

Wind Rating: The engineering and design of the Heliocol panels allowed us to achieve a remarkable wind rating of 200km, showcasing the system’s durability and adaptability. These panels could even be ground-mounted if needed.


Contrary to the beliefs of other companies, our team successfully installed the Heliocol HC50 panels, providing the client with an effective and efficient pool heating solution. The system was operational within a day, and the client reported a substantial increase in pool temperature.

The client, who had been informed by other companies that pool heating was not feasible for the property, experienced a remarkable change following the installation. The client reported that the pool temperature had risen from 21 degrees to a comfortable 28 degrees over the weekend, meeting our promised outcome.

Other benefits:

Minimal maintenance: The pool solar panels we installed are designed for minimal maintenance so the client doesn’t have to worry about extra cleaning or disfunction.

Reducing their carbon footprint:

Choosing this solar pool heating installation heating system allows this client to reduce her carbon footprint by leveraging the sun’s energy to naturally heat her pool.

Money savings:

Compared with other pool heating options presented to this client. Our solar pool heating solution will dramatically reduce her pool heating running costs so she can swim any time, for less.

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This case study highlights our team’s ability to overcome unique challenges and provide tailored solutions. The successful installation of pool solar heating in Bellevue Hill not only transformed the pool heating experience for the client. But also showcased the versatility and effectiveness of this advanced solar pool heating system. If you are finding it difficult to heat your swimming pool in Sydney’s eastern suburbs such as Bellevue Hill, Bondi. Rose Bay and surrounds, please contact us today to see if we can help!

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