Solar Pool Blankets Sydney

At Sydney Solar Solutions, we have a wide range of high-quality solar pool blankets Sydney and covers to offer our customers. They are designed by industry experts to keep the heat in your pool, whilst preventing dirt, leaves and debris from entering the water.

What are the benefits of a pool blanket?
– Prevents evaporation, saving you water
– Lowers your energy costs
– Decreases the use of chemicals
– Reduces the need to clean your pool
– Extends your swimming season by keeping your pool warmer for longer

Solar Pool Blankets Sydney
Why Solar Pool Heating

Advantages of Solar Pool Heating

Reduce costs and chemicals with a pool blanket

These solar pool covers are made from a thick, high-grade reflective plastic that diverts the sunlight away from the water, drastically reducing the water evaporation. This allows you to save money on your water bill, as well as chemicals that will also evaporate.

These high-quality solar pool covers are available in 3 unique colours, all providing the same level of heat and protection. Their fade resistant properties will ensure that your pool cover will stay looking new, even when exposed to the harsh levels of UV we experience in Australia.

Heats your pool effectively

Our solar pool covers form a small barrier between the water and the external environment to dramatically reduce the water evaporation from your pool. There are several main factors that have an influence on water evaporation in your pool. These include the water temperature, the air temperature, the humidity and the wind. Installing a solar pool blanket will create a barrier and help to protect your pool from the common weather conditions that are responsible for creating evaporation. They will save you water, heat your pool and reduce your chemical costs.

Protect your pool blanket with a pool blanket roller

To ensure that your pool cover is performing optimally, you should also consider investing in a pool blanket roller. These rollers will make it much easier to place and remove the cover, allowing you to wind it onto the roller rather than removing it and replacing it by hand. They will also ensure that the blanket is stored safely and securely to avoid the risk of damage to your new pool cover.

Innovative technology to extend your swimming season

Daisy Pool Covers UltraDomeTM technology is featured in our range of Titanium Solar Pool Covers, which has been specifically designed to stop 97% of water evaporation and heat your pool up to 8℃. The pool covers sydney nsw ensure that your pool remains clean, reducing the need for expensive chemicals. Cleaner water means less time and money spent on maintenance, and more time to enjoy your pool. Pair your pool cover with pool heating products to maximise your return on investment.

Save yourself time and money by purchasing one of our solar pool blankets and easy to use pool blanket roller for your pool. Get in to contact with our team of professionals to organise a free quote for your Solar Pool Blanket in Sydney and surrounds today.

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