Rooftop Spa Heating: Greenhills Beach Pool Solar Success Story

Solar pool heating Greenhills Beach

Our team at Sydney Solar Solutions recently undertook a transformative solar pool heating installation in Greenhills Beach. The client’s goal was to efficiently heat their rooftop spa, which had previously relied on a gas heater. However, this heating method on its own proved to be slow, expensive, and inefficient due to wind chill and thermal loss. From Heliocol solar pool heating panels to Daisy solar pool blankets. We were able to provide the most efficient, effective and affordable heating solutions. In this case study, we take a look at some of the equipment installed. The installation process, and ultimately the end goal that we were able to achieve for our client.

Equipment Installed

In order to heat our client’s spa effectively, we deployed a combination of Heliocol HC26 and HC15 panels. These panels work by absorbing heat energy from the sun that is then transferred to the pool water. Heliocol produce some of the most technologically advanced and durable solar panels on the market, and they are built to last for up to 30 years. These panels were paired with a state-of-the-art Dontek AV40 motorised valve solar control unit, ensuring precise temperature control. Additionally, a Daisy solar pool blanket was integrated into the system for enhanced heat retention. This comprehensive solar solution aimed to maximise the spa’s heating efficiency whilst minimising operating costs.

Installation Process

In just six hours, we were able to successfully install the solar pool heating system in Greenhills Beach, allowing our client the ability to heat their pool the next day. The installation process involved strategically placing the Heliocol panels on the rooftop to harness optimal sunlight for heating purposes. The Dontek AV40 motorised valve was then installed to regulate water flow through the solar panels, ensuring efficient heating. The integration of the Daisy solar pool blanket also added an extra layer of insulation, preventing heat loss and reducing the overall energy consumption of the system.

Reason for Product Selection

The client’s decision to transition from a gas heater to solar pool heating was motivated by the inefficiencies and high costs associated with relying on gas as the one and only heat source. The rooftop spa was positioned against a glass wall. Which caused substantial heat loss that was then exacerbated by the wind chill. To address these challenges, the installation team strategically positioned the Heliocol panels to capture maximum sunlight despite potential obstructions. At Sydney Solar Solutions, we recommend Heliocol panels for their proven efficiency and reliability in capturing solar energy. Heliocol is the number one solar pool heating system in the world, with 400,000 solar heating systems installed in over 50 countries. The Daisy solar pool blanket further addressed the challenges posed by thermal loss, providing an effective solution for maintaining the desired temperature.

Outcome for the Client

The results of our Greenhills Beach solar pool heating installation were nothing short of remarkable. The client now enjoys their rooftop spa as a fully functional pool, with the temperature consistently set to a comfortable 30 degrees. The incorporation of the Daisy solar pool blanket ensures that this temperature is maintained throughout spring and summer. Virtually eliminating additional heating costs. The 12-volt motorised valve efficiently diverts water to the solar pool heating system, optimizing’s energy usage. And reducing the reliance on the gas heater. When our client wants to use it as a spa again, the gas heater will kick in and raise the temperature to 36 degrees. This solution offers seamless control, allowing our client to adjust the pool or spa to their preference at the click of a button.

Solar Pool Heating in Greenhills Beach

This successful solar pool heating installation in Greenhills Beach stands as a testament to the transformative power of renewable energy solutions. Through the use of Heliocol panels, a Dontek AV40 motorised valve. And a Daisy solar pool blanket, the client experienced a significant reduction in operating costs and improved overall system efficiency. The addition of solar pool heating not only reduces environmental impact. But also saves money and enhances the overall pool and spa experience for the client. Whether you need solar pool heating in Cronulla, Woolooware or Greenhills Beach, Sydney Solar Solutions have you covered. Visit our contact page today to learn how you could heat your pool or spa more effectively. You can also view some of our previous solar pool heating installations in Sydney by visiting our gallery.

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