Pool Gas Heating Sydney

Pool Gas Heating Sydney

If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to heat up your pool or spa, we can install gas heaters that will deliver just that. With convenience and efficiency in mind, our pool and spa gas heaters are designed to heat up your pool on demand in under an hour.

A gas pool heater is designed to heat and maintain the pool’s temperature over a short period of time and is able to do so all year round. This makes them great for fast, effective heating. They are ideal for use in spas and occasional pool heating. However, gas heaters can become expensive to run and will become more inefficient if you plan on using your pool daily. If this is your aim, we would recommend a heat pump , solar pool heating or a solar pool blanket

A gas heater is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to heat your pool or spa. You can choose a temperature, set it, and have the pool heated as soon as you’re ready to jump in. In order for your gas heater to work efficiently, you need to select the right model for the size of your pool or spa, the correct location, and have it professionally installed by experts. If you need assistance with selecting a model or installing your brand-new gas heater in Sydney or surrounds, contact our team of pool heating specialists. We will provide you with an obligation free quote to get you underway.

Sydney solar pool heating

Rheem Thermal Raypak Gas Heaters

At Sydney Solar Solutions, we recommend and install Rheem Thermal Raypak Gas Heaters, as they are recognised as one of the leading brands in pool gas heating.

Rheem’s range of pool & spa gas heaters are built for high performance in even the harshest of weather conditions. These gas heaters are designed for reliability and efficiency, built with high-grade heavy-duty metal and cupro-nickel heat exchangers for added protection.

We offer a range of heater sizes to suit all residential pools and spas. Whether you’re looking to heat a large family size pool or a small plunge pool, we have Rheem Thermal Raypak gas heaters available to suit your requirements. These thermal gas pool heaters have been engineered and refined over time to include the highest quality components and bring you the most reliable heating for your pool.



AstralPool JX Gas Pool and Spa Heater

Perfect for small spaces

Pool Gas Heating Sydney

In terms of gas pool and gas spa heater, the AstraPool JX Gas Pool and Spa Heater range is quickly becoming recognised as one of the leading gas spa heaters on the market. With its slim design, the AstralPool JX was created with convenience and space in mind.

This gas heater is able to be installed into small areas where you wouldn’t normally be able to install a heater, making it a great option for those with minimal exterior space. Despite this, the heaters are still one of the fastest and the most efficient models to date.

A traditional open-flue gas heater will require natural draught in order to operate, but the AstralPool JX is utilises power from a fan, making it even more compact. This also makes it suitable for indoor usage. The heater is able to mount to any wall, making it easy to hide away and save space. The JX range includes various models for indoor or outdoor pools and spas, so there’s any options available for everyone.


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