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Pool filters are designed to filter the water in your pool and remove dirt and debris that can build up over time. A media filter utilises specifically graded sand or glass to trap particles of dirt before filtering the water back to the pool. This helps to reduce algae and bacteria growth, keeping your pool water fresh, clean, and safe to swim in.

At Sydney Solar Solutions , we offer a range of media filters to suit your pool and your individual needs. We sell and install pool filters across Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to provide premium advice and customer service to pair you with the right media filter for your requirements.

Whether you’re searching for a filter for your brand-new pool, or your old one simply needs replacing for a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly filter, Sydney Solar Solutions have options to suit your needs.

If you notice that your pool is becoming dirtier than usual, this could be a sign that your pool filter requires some maintenance or even a replacement. If you’re unsure if your pool filter needs to be replaced or repaired, or you’re undecided on which pool filter to purchase for your pool, then it’s best to contact the pool filter specialists at Sydney Solar Solutions. We can offer you expert advice to ensure that you understand the difference between pool filters and which brands and models are suitable for you. Contact the experts here to discuss your options, or book in a time to install your new pool filter.

Pool filters sydney

designed with quality in mind

Waterco filters

Waterco’s Micron Fibreglass Filters are designed for durability. They embody the latest in fibreglass winding technology to create a seamless filter with superior quality and consistency. This filter has also been designed with no welds or seams so they are built to last. Because of this, these clever filters are also extremely easy to clean and maintain.


Australian made for Australian conditions

Astral Pool Filters

AstralPool’s CA Media Filters are designed and manufactured in Australia from the highest quality injection moulding and components. Created and designed for optimal strength, longevity and easy installation and service, Astral’s range of filters provide great value, high quality filtering and are designed to withstand even the harshest Australian weather conditions.

Astral CA filters produce crystal clear water by utilising fine sand or recycled crushed glass as the filter media. Each filter incorporates a multiport valve that directs the water flow to minimise the resistance through the filter. This makes Astral Filters ideal for energy efficient pumps as little energy is required for the water to pass through smoothly.

Eco Pure Glass Media for Filters

We now offer a glass filter media that is manufactured completely from recycled glass. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sand filter media that can also offer a finer filtration to achieve better results for your pool. 

The raw glass material is taken directly from household recycling schemes and is therefore made from 100% recycled glass. This has a lesser impact on the environment when compared with other alternative resources which would otherwise be extracted from the natural environment.
Glass removes more materials and contaminants than sand, making it more efficient and effective. It also reduces the need for backwashing and chemical treatment costs, allowing you to save money whilst your pool stays cleaner.


Up to 92% water savings

Pool Cartridge Filters

Pool cartridge filters are designed to be compact, easy to install and clean and are highly efficient. Achieve crystal clear water with superior antimicrobial elements that reduce the growth of bacteria, algae and microbes.

Each time you backwash a sand filter you use approximately 750 litres of water. With a pool cartridge filter you simply remove the cartridge element and hose it down. Without the need for backwashing, you can save up to 92% water just by installing a cartridge filter.

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