Pool Chlorination Sydney

If you want to swim in sparkling clear water day in, day out, without the smell of chlorine or the irritation caused by sanitising chemicals, you should consider a chlorinator for your pool in Sydney. At Sydney Solar Solutions we offer both salt chlorinators and mineral chlorinators to keep your pool crystal clear by pool chlorination Sydney as a healthy alternative to liquid chlorine.

Every pool needs to be sanitised in order to remain healthy and free of bacteria. Salt and mineral chlorinators both use a unique electric powered cell which creates chlorine from the salt or minerals in the pool water. This chlorine instantly dissolves in the pool water, delivering luxurious feeling, safe and healthy water for the whole family to enjoy.

If you are looking for a set and forget product to keep your pool water soft, healthy and sparkling clean, without the hassle of dosing your pool yourself, you should consider a salt chlorinator or a mineral chlorinator. Remove the need for nasty liquid chlorine smells and hazards and opt for a product that will soothe your body instead of causing irritation. At Sydney Solar Solutions we can help you decide the most effective type of chlorinator for your family, and your pool. Contact us today for an obligation free quote for your Sydney pool

Pool Chlorination Sydney

Reduce irritation and chemical usage

Salt Chlorinators

We proudly range Australian made salt chlorinators that we know can handle the harsh Sydney weather. We offer a variety of different models to suit a range of different sized pools and lifestyle requirements. These salt chlorinators also feature automated measuring and dosing with Bluetooth connectivity so you have complete control via your smartphone.

Pool Chlorination Sydney

Bathe in luxury

Mineral Chlorinators

Our mineral chlorinators are designed to produce soft feeling water and all the health benefits of bathing in magnesium enriched water. We can install a variety of mineral chlorinators with special features such as WiFi connectivity and control, switch mode power technology to reduce power conversion, easy-to-use timers and automatic measuring and dosing.

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