Case Study: Northern Beaches Solar Pool Heating Installation

Belrose Pool Heating

Sydney Solar Solutions successfully executed a solar pool heating installation in Belrose for a client seeking to replace an outdated and perished rubber matting system that had been removed during renovations. This client was committed to reducing their carbon footprint, so still wanted an efficient northern beaches solar pool heating.

Outdated systems are not only less efficient than the newer products on the market, but they often aren’t cockatoo-proof and tend to be less flexible in terms of installation and aesthetics. This project involved the installation of cutting-edge pool solar panels to enhance efficiency, appearance and pool temperature control. 

The challenge:

This solar pool heating system was installed in Belrose, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, not far from Frenchs Forest. The weather in Sydney is generally warm during summer and mild during winter, so the clients required a system that would allow them to swim comfortably even when it was a bit cooler. 

The primary challenge was to replace the existing system seamlessly during renovations. Sydney Solar Solutions planned to address this by efficiently installing the new Heliocol Pool Solar Panels in a modular fashion, ensuring a discreet and aesthetically pleasing appearance. When installing pool solar heating for an existing pool you also have to ensure you allow for existing pool plumbing.  

Equipment Installed:

Our team suggested 8 x Heliocol HC40 panels, and 3 x Heliocol HC26 panels. These panels were cleverly arranged in five arrays to facilitate skylights and various roof plumbing. These panels are built to allow for a range of roof sizes and elements, minimal maintenance. And durability so we knew they would be the perfect solution for this home. This particular northern beaches solar pool heating was complete in just one day.

Outcome for the Client:

The client’s pool heating system now operates at optimal efficiency, providing the following benefits:

Consistently warm pool: The pool is heated to the desired temperature of 28 degrees for 8-9 months of the year. Read more about how much warmer solar heating will make your pool

Low running costs: The entire solar pool heating system, when complemented with a pool blanket. Now operates at a remarkably low cost, ranging from $1 to $1.50 per day in electricity costs for a 3/4 Hp solar pool pump.

Discreet design: The discreet design ensured that the majority of the system remains hidden from view in the backyard.

Flexible Modular Installation: Heliocol panels are modular and can be installed in multiple arrays. Accommodating this client’s skylights and various roof plumbing needs.

Future-proof: Adding a solar pool heating system can increase the value of the home if these clients are looking to sell in the future. Conversely, the system comes with a 25 year limited warranty. So if they remain at their Belrose property for years to come. They don’t need to worry about replacing their new pool heating system.

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Sydney Solar Solutions successfully delivered a high-quality solar pool heating system in Belrose, addressing the client’s need to replace an outdated rubber matting system. The installation’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and discreet design showcase our company’s commitment to providing innovative and tailored solutions for our clients. If you need pool heating on the Northern Beaches or Eastern Sydney please contact us today for a free quote or view our gallery to see some of our other installation. 

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