Limited Space Heat Pump Installation in Clovelly

Heat Pump Installation in Clovelly

Sydney Solar Solutions prides ourselves on delivering tailored pool solar and pool and spa heat pump installation in Clovelly and across Sydney since 2012. The following case study highlights our latest pool heating installation for a client in an apartment in Clovelly, a prestigious suburb located just near Bondi Beach.

The Challenge: 

Our client’s request presented a unique challenge: to heat a 27,000 litre pool to 27 degrees Celsius part-year and maintain a 3,000 litre spa at 37 degrees Celsius all year-round. Additionally, the tight nature of the apartment provided limited space for installation, requiring a solution that would be powerful enough to heat the pool and spa to the desired temperature, whilst being small enough in size to safely be installed at the property. 

The Equipment: 

After we met the client and viewed the property at our site visit, we recommended the Rheem 21KW Compact Residential Series Pool and Spa Heat Pump for its high efficiency and capacity to meet the client’s specific heating requirements for both the pool and spa. This pool and spa heat pump is unique because has high-temperature settings that allow for spa applications, whilst being environmentally conscious. It also comes with a 25-year warranty on its heat exchanger, 10 years on the compressor, and a market-leading 3 years on parts and labor. 

To address the limited space issue, we installed the heat pump on cantilevered brackets, ensuring adequate ventilation behind and around the unit while optimizing the usable space. As this pool and spa heat pump weighs 70kg, it was vital to ensure the brackets could hold the weight long-term, and that the installation was safe. We also connected the system to a Dontek Aquatek controller which allows seamless control of both the pool and spa.

The Outcome for the Client: 

The implementation of the heat pump exceeded our client’s expectations. They can now enjoy their spa any time of year, and they have extended their swimming season for their pool, perfectly meeting their desired temperatures. The integration of a Dontek Aquatek controller with motorized valves allows the clients to have seamless control from their mobile device or tablet, providing extra convenience and ease of operation. 

Despite the initial challenges posed by limited space, our innovative installation approach ensured optimal performance for both the pool and spa. The client appreciated our attention to detail and the minimal footprint of the system, which integrates into their property nicely without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the pool and spa area.

Are you ready to transform your pool and spa heating experience with cutting-edge pool and spa heating solutions from Sydney Solar Solutions? Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a heating solution to meet your specific needs. We can work together to enhance your comfort, lifestyle and sustainability. We specialize in tricky installations just like this one in Clovelly, including limited access, tight spaces, challenging temperatures, steep rooves and high rooves. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some reviews from our happy clients!

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