Is a solar heated pool worth it in Sydney?

Is solar worth it in sydney

If you live in Sydney and you’re planning to purchase a pool or upgrade your existing pool, chances are you have thought about the potential heating options available. If you decide on heating your pool, selecting your heating type can be a decision that requires some serious consideration.

Heating your pool could increase your electricity bills and create more work in terms of maintenance. Thankfully, not all heating options are the same, and some can be much more efficient and cost-effective than others. Installing solar pool heating in Sydney is one of the best ways to heat up your pool, and here’s why!

Cutting costs

One of the biggest advantages of installing a solar pool heating system in Sydney is that it can save you a great deal of money. You won’t be paying for electricity to an electric pool heat pump (link to heat pump page), as the sun will be transferring energy to heat your water instead! Sydney receives lots of sun for most of the year, making it easy to heat your water. Solar pool heating systems can usually be connected to a pre-existing pool pump, meaning that you may not have to purchase a new one for heating. The cost for the system and installation will typically pay for itself in around 2 years, making solar pool heating a very cost-effective option.

Benefits: Reduced energy running costs, reduced energy usage immediately

Downfalls: Initial outlay is a large investment (but will pay for itself in around 2 years


There’s a reason that so many people utilise the natural heat from the sun to heat their pools. Solar pool heating is incredibly reliable and is much less likely to break down than other pool heaters. Unlike these heaters, solar heating involves much fewer moving parts such as fans and motors which can often break causing the heater to become ineffective. The last thing you’d want is to plan to use your pool as winter closes in, only to realise that your heater is broken, and you won’t be able to use your pool.

Solar pool heating systems are designed to be extremely durable and resistant to the harsh Sydney weather conditions. Due to their reliability, solar heating systems also require less maintenance. They are not susceptible to the common problems that other heaters may face such as rust, component failures, short circuiting and blockages. These issues can quickly become expensive, especially if the heater breaks more than once. If you do opt for a pool heat pump or gas heater, be sure to speak to a reputable, experienced installer before making your purchase. At Sydney Solar Solutions (link to about us page) we offer a range of heating solutions from trusted, well known brands. If you would like to discuss your heating options please contact us today.

Benefits: More reliable than other pool heating systems, resistant to harsh weather


Sydney weather

Taking advantage of solar pool heating in Sydney is the best way to enjoy your pool all year round. Sydney experiences some hot weather over the summer months but can cool down significantly over winter. Once installed, a solar heating system can increase the temperature of the water by 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, depending on the number of solar collectors, how much sun you get, the type of solar heating system you choose.

Some people may think that solar heating is unnecessary because Sydney is a warm place. However, it can open up the opportunity to swim all year round and can keep your pool at a comfortable temperature in Summer during the colder days. The solar system works to heat your pool with the sun during the day, and a solar pool cover (link to pool blankets page) can help to trap the heat in overnight. This consistently keeps the pool warm, allowing you to swim no matter what time of year it is.

Benefits: Increase your water temperature by up to 8 degrees Celsius in winter

Downfalls: Not needed as much in summer

Quick and easy installation

Whilst you may not be installing the pool solar heating system yourself, the installation process is incredibly quick and easy when you choose a professional solar pool heating installer. In fact, a brand-new system can be installed in around 4 hours. Instead of waiting weeks for a gas heater to be installed, you can start to enjoy your pool sooner. There’s no in-ground plumbing, electrical or gas work required for the installation, which reduces installation time dramatically and removes the need to dig up your garden. The solar piping and panels are installed to the roof of your house, and simply plugged into your pool pump.

Here at Sydney Solar Solutions, we understand that deciding to install a solar pool heating system can be a big decision, which is why we ensure that you have all the relevant information to make a decision. We only install high quality solar heating systems to ensure that your system is reliable, keeping your pool warm consistently all year round.

Benefits: Quick and easy installation

Downfalls: Tricky to decide on the right product and installer

If you’re interested in purchasing a solar pool heating systems in Sydney, or you want to discuss the available options for your pool, contact our team of solar specialists at Sydney Solar Solutions. We’re happy to discuss the benefits, practicalities, and anything else related to solar pool heating systems in Sydney and surrounds. We aim to keep you informed so that you can make a well-thought out decision to purchase a solar heating system for your pool today and well into the future.