How long does it take to heat a solar pool?

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If you’ve done some research into solar heated pools, you’ll discover that there are many advantages when going solar. From the energy efficiency to the very little maintenance they require, solar pool heating is a great choice for so many reasons. If you’ve thought about installing solar pool heating in Sydney, you may be wondering how long it will actually take the water to warm up. Truth be told, there’s a number of factors that will determine how long it takes the system to heat your pool. This not only includes the weather, but some other important variables too.



Solar pool heating requires sunshine. The more sun that the system can absorb heat from, the faster your pool will be heated. If the weather is overcast and cloudy, your system may struggle to reach your desired temperature. This is not a huge concern for the majority though, as most prefer to swim when the sun is out. The lower the starting temperature for the water is, the longer it will take to heat up.

The time of year also contributes to the solar heating ability. We’ve featured a month-by-month table below which indicates the average temperature that can be achieved without heating, with a solar blanket, and with various levels of solar coverage. The table is based off of averages for solar pool heating in Sydney.


How much can solar heat my pool?

Let’s imagine that you have solar pool heating in Eastern Sydney, and you have 100% solar coverage on your roof. That means that the square meterage of the pool and the square meterage of solar absorbers are the same. In January, the water temperature of your pool sits at a comfortable 24.3 degrees. If you wanted to heat your pool further, you could warm it up to 31.6 degrees with solar power alone. That’s an increase of 7.3 degrees. In July however, the water temperature may only reach a chilly 11.9 degrees without heating.

Due to the lack of sun in winter, solar pool heating may only increase your water temperature to 20.3, which is still a considerable amount. With an increase of 8.4 degrees, it’s greater than in summer. As the water temperature is colder to begin with, it takes longer for the solar system to heat it up. This is why it cannot reach the same temperatures as when heating in summer. It will also take longer to reach the desired temperature. There are so many contributing factors to be considered, but as a general rule, if your pool is cold and you want it to be swimmable in average weather conditions, it will likely take a couple of days.


Pool blankets

Pool blankets or covers are essential if you’re looking to maximise the efficiency of your solar pool heating system. Pool blankets help your pool retain heat by creating a barrier between the water and the outside air. The more heat you can retain in your pool, the quicker your system will be able to warm the water. This is especially important overnight as temperatures drop. Solar pool blankets are even more efficient, absorbing the sun’s rays and further increasing the temperature of the water.

Referring back to the table above, it’s clear that a solar pool blanket makes a big difference. If you wanted to begin your swimming season in September, a solar pool cover alone could increase your water temperature by 3 degrees. If you’re thinking about purchasing a solar pool blanket in Sydney, you can visit our solar pool blankets page here. Download a brochure or request a free quote, and optimise your pool heating today.

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Size of your pool

Of course, the size of your pool also factors into the equation. The more water that’s in the pool, the longer it will take to heat up. For example, let’s say you owned an average 32m2 swimming pool in Sydney. Let’s also imagine you’re heating your pool at the start of the swimming season. From cold water to a comfortable 28 degrees, it may take 2-4 days. The actual number of days it takes will depend on how much sun you’re getting, whether or not you’re using a pool blanket, etc. The bigger your pool is, the more heating that’s required, the longer the process takes.

Size of your system

Finally, the time in which it takes to heat your pool is dependent on the size of your solar heating system. At Sydney Solar Solutions, we recommend 100% coverage to ensure that your heating capacity is optimal. It’s also important to remember that not every solar pool heating system is created equally. The systems may vary on the model, design, the size of the absorber etc. We sell and install Heliocol solar panels, which have a reputation for their high-quality and durability. Check out our solar pool heating page and get some more information.

Faster heating

If you want to swim all year round, you could also consider installing a pool heat pump which has the ability to work with your solar pool heating system when there is not enough sunshine. This means your pool solar heating system can take care of the majority of the work, and the pool heat pump can automatically step in when required to top it up. If you would like to learn more about how this works please get in touch today!


It can be a big decision to go out and install a solar pool heating system, so we believe in providing all the relevant information to our customers. This way we can keep everyone informed on how they work, what they’ll cost and how long they take to heat up. We install high-quality swimming pool solar heating in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. If you’re thinking about installing solar heating for your pool, you can contact us here. We provide the complete solution, from working out how big your system will need to be, to the installation and finishing touches. We’re always available to provide support and aftercare so you know that your heating is in safe hands. Go solar and get saving!

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