How do solar pool blankets work?

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How do solar pool blankets work?

A pool blanket is an essential piece of equipment for any pool owner. It helps to keep your water free of dirt and debris when not in use. They also prevent evaporation, keeping your water warmer for longer and saving you money on water bills and chemicals. There are many different types of pool blankets available on the market, but one of the most efficient and useful types is the solar pool blanket. Like a regular pool cover, it sits on top of the water and protects it from debris. However, during the day they also capture solar energy that naturally heats the water. At night, the solar pool cover will maintain the heat so that less energy is required to heat it up in the morning. This means that you can save money on heating bills, simply with the use of a solar pool blanket. So how exactly does a solar pool blanket work? Let’s find out.

Solar pool blanket VS regular pool blanket

A solar pool blanket operates in the same way that a regular cover does. Its surface area covers the entire pool, shielding it from debris. It also reduces evaporation by creating a barrier between the water and the outside environment. An uncovered residential pool could lose anywhere from 40,000 to 55,000 litres of water per year due to evaporation. This makes a pool blanket an extremely important if you’re looking to save water. It also means that when the pool is heated, it can stay warmer for longer as the heat is unable to evaporate. Additionally, less chemicals evaporate from the water which reduces maintenance costs and cleaning times.

The advantages of solar pool covers

In addition to providing all of the benefits of a regular pool blanket, a solar pool blanket is also designed to retain extra heat. Using thousands of small thermal bubbles situated on top of the pool blanket, the cover is able to absorb and trap heat from the sun. The bubbles provide a magnifying effect which is able to transfer heat from the cover into the water effectively. As they absorb heat during the day, the warmth is trapped in the bubbles overnight and helps the pool to maintain its temperature. This is especially effective when the solar blanket is always kept on when the pool is not in use.

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Our product

At Sydney Solar Solutions, we install Daisy Pool Covers, which feature UltraDomeTM technology. These solar pool blankets have been specifically designed to prevent up to 97% of water evaporation and heat your pool by up to 8℃. The bubbles used in the design are thick and durable, providing significant insulation for your pool water. The bubbles sit below the surface of the pool cover, transferring heat from the sun throughout the day. These high-quality solar pool blankets are available in 3 unique colours, providing adequate heat and protection all year round. Their fade resistant properties will also ensure that your pool cover stays looking new, even when exposed to the harsh Australian weather. They’re built for durability and come complete with a 10-year warranty. This gives you the peace of mind that your blanket will remain in good condition, even after many years of daily use. Learn more about the solar pool blankets we offer.

Solar pool blanket rollers

In order to care for your solar pool blanket, you should also consider purchasing a pool blanket roller. These specially designed rollers will make it much easier to place and remove the cover from your pool. They allow you to wind the cover onto the roller rather than removing it and replacing it by hand which can be a tedious process. Rollers will also ensure that the blanket is stored safely and correctly to avoid the risk of damaging your new solar pool cover. There are manual and automatic pool blanket rollers available, both of which will provide the same benefits.


The solar pool heating installers in Sydney

If you’re interested in installing a solar pool blanket, or you have a general enquiry about solar pool heating on the Northern beaches, give Sydney Solar Solutions a call on 0432 364 334, or visit our contact page here. We regularly install solar pool covers in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs for many of our happy customers. With nearly 20 years’ experience in pool heating, we have the knowledge and the know-how required to get your pool heating up and running. Whether you’re looking for an entire pool heating system or just a solar pool blanket, we’ll make sure that you receive a high-quality installation. Take control of your pool heating today, with Sydney Solar Solutions.

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