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Pool heat pumps (also known as electric pool heaters) are frequently used to heat pools for longer periods of time without reducing the effectiveness of the unit. At Sydney Solar Solutions, we sell and install top of the range Australian made heat pumps that utilise the latest technology to heat up your pool quickly, easily and reliably.

There are a range of electric heat pump models to choose from. Each range features a number of different varieties based on their shape, size and individual features, and there are a number of pool heat pumps to suit various pools and budgets. Sydney Solar Solutions can provide you with all the assistance required to get your heat pump up and running. From which size and model heat pump will suit your pool, to installing a high-grade heat pump for you, we offer the complete solution to extend your swimming season sooner! If you would like to organise an obligation free quote for your pool and heat pump, please contact our pool heating experts today.

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Sydney Solar Solutions are proud to introduce the latest pool heat pump to our range for Sydney pools. The Rheem Thermal Compact Inverter Series represents the cutting-edge of pool heating technology, boasting an array of advanced features. This includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, twin rotary inverter compressors, an electronically commutated (EC) fan for enhanced efficiency, eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, and an industry-leading warranty package. With a remarkable 3-year parts and labour warranty, a 25-year warranty on the heat exchanger, and a 10-year warranty on the compressor, you can enjoy peace of mind while experiencing top-tier performance in pool heating.

Rheem Compact Heat Pump Sydney
Rheem Thermal Pool Heat Pumps

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Sydney Solar Solutions are recognised dealers of the Rheem Heat Pump range. Rheem Heat Pumps are Australian made, designed to suit even the harshest Sydney weather conditions. The Rheem Thermal Series is designed to commercial grade quality materials, ensuring that your heat pump is durable and reliable.

The Rheem Thermal Series Heat Pumps feature strong titanium heat exchangers and an anti-corrosion evaporator that is guaranteed to withstand consistent use over extended periods of time. If sustainability is important to you, talk to us about how we can install this electric pool heater with your pool solar system. The range is also designed with the user in mind, with remote capabilities and digital control, you can have complete control over your pool heating. With their great durability and efficient heating capabilities, Rheem is a great choice for a pool heat pump.


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