Do I need a pool blanket for my Sydney pool?

Pool blankets

If you’ve recently installed a new pool into your home, chances are that someone has advised you to purchase a solar pool blanket or cover. They have numerous uses but are generally used to keep the heat in your pool and keep the leaves and dirt out. You may be wondering “Do I really need to buy a pool blanket?”.

Some believe that they can take away from the natural beauty of the pool, but those who do not use a pool blanket are certainly missing out on a lot more benefits. However, for some people, pool blankets are essential.

Sydney Water states that if you are installing a new pool over 10,000 litres, it is a requirement that you must have an approved pool cover that is endorsed by SPASA under the Climate Care Certified Program.

Let’s take a look at what pool blankets in Sydney can do, and why you may need one for your pool.

What is a pool blanket?

A pool blanket or a solar pool cover is essentially a thick, waterproof sheet of polyethylene foam, featuring bubbles that are used to contain or trap the heat from the pool. They also help to reduce evaporation and prevent leaves and debris from getting into the pool. You can purchase them in pre-cut sizes, or get them custom made to fit your pool.

How does it work?

When the pool blanket is placed on top of the pool, it creates a barrier between your pool and the external environment. This barrier prevents the water from being able to evaporate, as it cannot pass through the cover. Australia is known for some very warm weather, and this is a great contributing factor to the evaporation levels that we experience. For this reason, solar pool blankets in Sydney are very common. In fact, an uncovered residential pool could lose anywhere from 40,000 to 55,000 litres per year due to evaporation. That is an incredibly large amount of water to waste, putting a strain on your wallet as well as the environment. However, it’s not just the water that you lose. All the expensive chemicals, balancers, salts etc that you put into your pool will also evaporate along with the water. Your pool will also lose heat through evaporation, costing you more to heat up your pool.  A pool blanket will decrease evaporation dramatically, almost preventing it from occurring at all. At Sydney Solar Solutions we are pool heating experts. Chat to us today about how a pool blanket can increase the effectiveness of your solar pool heating today!

Keeping it clean

Of course, a solar pool blanket will also prevent leaves, bugs and debris from entering the water and floating around the pool. Nobody wants to spend their afternoon swimming around in a dirty pool, so why not keep your pool covered and prevent it from happening in the first place. It will also save you the hassle of fishing around in our pool with a net, attempting to remove large amounts of debris. Dirty pool water will also require more chemicals to clean it up, which again will be partially lost through evaporation if a solar pool blanket is not laid out. Keeping the cover on will also prevent algae build up on your pools surface, saving you from scrubbing and vacuuming it yourself.


Safety is something that may be overlooked when considering pool blankets, but they can actually save lives. A pool blanket can also act as a safety net for your pool. Safety can be a major concern for many pool owners, especially those who have young children. A solar pool blanket is generally much thicker than a cheap tarpaulin cover, and will ensure that nobody falls through and into the water.

The big question

So the question is, do you need to purchase a pool blanket? You can still swim in a pool that does not have a pool blanket to cover it. However, if you want to keep your pool clean, protect the environment and save yourself money on water, heating and chemical costs, investing in a pool blanket is a very smart idea. You would be neglectful of the facts if you chose to not install a pool blanket for your swimming pool. For a one-off purchase, you could save yourself thousands of dollars over the entire lifetime of your pool. Don’t wait around, purchase a pool blanket for your swimming pool today.

We take pride in installing only high-quality solar pool blankets to ensure that your pool is as protected as possible. If you’re interested in purchasing one of our solar pool blankets in Sydney, or you want to discuss the available options for your pool, contact our team of pool blanket experts at Sydney Solar Solutions here. We’re happy to discuss the benefits, practicalities and anything else related to solar pool blankets, so you can be informed and ready to choose the best pool blanket for your pool today.

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