Coastal Comfort: A Rheem Pool Heat Pump Installation in Bronte

Rheem Pool Heat Pump Installation

We recently attended the beachside suburb of Bronte, nestled in the inner Eastern suburbs of Sydney, where a homeowner wanted a pool heating solution and rheem pool heat pump installation to extend their swimming season well into the cooler months. They had envisioned a comfortably heated pool for swimming from September to April. 

The Challenge: 

The task at hand was to heat a sizable 50,000-litre pool to a consistent 28 degrees Celsius 7 months of the year, all without the use of a swimming pool blanket. This presented a dual challenge: achieving the desired temperature reliably over an extended period and doing so in a manner that was both environmentally conscious and economically feasible. We also had to consider integrating the pool heat pump with the existing pool filtration system and it had to fit in a small space.

The Equipment – Rheem 28KW Compact Residential Series Pool: 

Enter the Rheem 28KW Compact Residential Series Pool and Spa Heat Pump, a solution that would perfectly meet all of the client’s needs. Its advanced technology and energy-efficient design promise to deliver consistent warmth to the pool. This Rheem Compact Pool Heat Pump is a smaller version of the larger Rheem premium commercial heat pumps, already installed on some of Australia’s well known aquatic centres, so although small in stature, it is big in performance and quality. Selecting the compact unit also meant it would fit nicely in the available space at this Bronte home, and it also low-noise so it wouldn’t interrupt any enjoyment either. 

With running costs in mind, we setup this powerhouse of a heat pump on a special timer, so it can work in harmony with the client’s existing solar PV system. With precision timing aligned to maximise solar production, every kilowatt translated into efficient heating, minimising operating costs while maximising environmental sustainability.

The Outcome for the Client: 

Upon completion of the Rheem Thermal Swimming Pool Heating installation, the results spoke for themselves. The once-seasonal pool now became usable 7-8 months of the year, a testament to the power of innovation and thoughtful design. From September to April, the water remains a soothing 28 degrees Celsius, inviting residents and guests more flexibility with their exercise and leisure time. With each swim, the client enjoys not only the tangible comfort of warm water but also the satisfaction of knowing that their oasis operates sustainably. 

Beyond the immediate comfort and convenience, the outcome is also financially and environmentally responsible. By harnessing the power of solar energy and employing efficient heating practices, the client now has a low-cost solution, further enhancing the long-term value of their investment. The decision to forgo a pool blanket was validated by the system’s ability to maintain optimal temperature levels efficiently, without the need for additional covers or manual intervention.

In conclusion, Sydney Solar Solution’s installation of the RHEEM 28KW Compact Residential Series Pool and Spa Heat Pump in Bronte stands as a testament to the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, environmental consideration, and customer-centric solutions. What began as a vision for extended pool enjoyment evolved into a reality that exceeded expectations, enriching the homeowner’s lifestyle while setting a standard for sustainable convenience in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. If you are looking for pool heating in Sydney’s East, please contact us today for a free quote.

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