Case study – Shire pool heating

Shire pool heatin

Case study – Heat pump installation Bonnet Bay

As we begin to enter the last few weeks of summer here in Australia, many people are starting to think about how they can extend their swimming season and continue to enjoy their pool once the weather cools down. The answer of course, is a highly effective pool heating system from Sydney Solar Solutions. Our client Andrew is a resident of Bonnet Bay, located between Illawong, Woronora and Como. He was in need of a cost-effective solution to heat his 25,000-litre pool for the school holidays. The pool is used frequently during the peak months of October to April, requiring a reliable heating solution.


Modern and cost-effective heating

After thorough research and consideration, Andrew chose to install the Madimack Elite V3 110 – 11 Kw heat pump to heat his pool. After some discussion between Andrew and our pool heating installers in Bonnet Bay, the Madimack heat pump was chosen due to its energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The installation process was smooth and took just 3 hours to complete. Our team of expert pool heating installers in Bonnet Bay reported that the process was straightforward and problem-free. Andrew was extremely happy with the Wi-Fi connectivity of the heat pump, which allowed him to control his pool heating from anywhere with an internet connection.


Chlorination controller for a balanced pool

One of the challenges that our team of heat pump installers faced was avoiding over chlorination during the shoulder seasons. To overcome this challenge, a chlorinator controller was installed with heat demand function to maintain the proper chemical balance in the pool during heating. This is a device used in swimming pools to monitor and control the amount of chlorine in the water. It works by measuring the chlorine levels in the water and adjusting the amount of chlorine being added by the chlorinator, ensuring that the water remains within the desired range for safe and comfortable swimming. This device helps to avoid over-chlorination, which can be harmful to swimmers. It also helps to reduce the amount of chlorine needed, leading to cost savings and a more environmentally friendly system.


An effective solution for pool heating in Bonnet Bay

The Madimack Elite V3 110 – 11 Kw heat pump was an excellent choice for Andrew and provided the cost-effective and reliable heating solution he was looking for. The installation process was smooth and was complete in just 3 hours. This left Andrew very satisfied with the cost-effective heating solution and the overall outcome. The heat pump is highly efficient, and Andrew’s family are now able to enjoy the pool during the school holidays without feeling the cold. Our team of pool heat pump installers in Bonnet Bay were extremely pleased with the outcome. The added chlorinator controller with a heat demand function ensured that the pool remained properly balanced during heating. Overall, this installation was a great success.


Your pool heat pump installers in Bonnet Bay

Whether you’re located in Bonnet Bay or the surrounding suburbs of Jannali, Como, Bangor or Sutherland, our team of pool heating professionals are here to help you extend your swimming season. If you’re like Andrew and are looking for a cost-effective pool heating solution, we can provide you options tailored to your needs. If you’d like more information on pool heating, you can check out our blogs page. Whether you want to heat a small plunge pool or a large family pool, we have plenty of options to suit. Contact the Sydney pool heating experts, and extend your swimming season today!