Automated, Sustainable Pool Heating in Glenhaven

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We recently undertook a pool heating project in Glenhaven, a semi-rural suburb bordering Castle Hill and Dural. Our goal was to provide sustainable heating for a 14,000-litre plunge pool, ensuring year-round comfort without resorting to traditional pool covers. Through meticulous planning and innovative technology, we set out to redefine pool solar heating system in this suburban setting.

The Challenge:

The project presented multifaceted challenges, primarily centred around maintaining a consistent pool temperature of 26 degrees Celsius throughout the year without relying on pool covers. Additionally, integrating the new heating system with the client’s existing solar infrastructure posed logistical hurdles. We needed to ensure seamless integration while maximising energy efficiency and operational convenience. The client’s specific requirements demanded a tailored solution that balanced sustainability, performance, and user-friendliness.

The Equipment:

After meeting with the client, we designed a suitable solution, installing a 16KW Rheem  Compact Residential Series Pool and Spa Heat Pump. Precisely sized to meet the demands of the 14,000-litre pool. This heat pump boasts extensive warranties. Including 25 years on the heat exchanger, 10 years on the compressor, and 5 years on parts. This exemplifies our commitment to quality and reliability.

This Rheem heat pump also has a heavy-duty weather cover ensures longevity and cleanliness when not in use, perfect for its location. 

We seamlessly transitioned from the client’s existing solar pool heating system by repurposing the existing provisions and pump for our innovative heat pump installation, sparing the hassle of digging up the property. The heat pump was set up as an independent unit, attached to the customer’s PV solar, allowing it to use solar energy when required. Which maximised energy efficiency and reducing operational costs. The integration of a Rheem DPi1 heat demand control unit further optimised energy consumption by adding the capability to only switch on the pump when the heater calls for it. Enhancing system efficiency and minimising waste. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Our system offers unparalleled convenience, allowing the client to monitor and adjust pool temperature settings remotely via their mobile device.

The Outcome for the Client:

By harnessing renewable energy sources and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we achieved a remarkably energy efficient solution for the client. Resulting in a cost-effective solution with increased performance, maintaining a low environmental impact. The client now enjoys year-round comfort in their pool. With the water temperature consistently maintained at the desired 26 degrees Celsius, regardless of external conditions. 

The integration of the heating system with the existing solar infrastructure and the intuitive control interface via mobile devices have also enhanced the client’s overall experience. They now have unprecedented control over their pool temperature. Allowing for personalised comfort and convenience at their fingertips, from anywhere in the world. 

This project exemplifies our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. If you are interested in learning more about pool heating in Glenhaven and surrounding suburbs, please contact our team today.

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