5 top reasons to take advantage of solar pool heating


Why you should take advantage of solar pool heating

During the summer months in Sydney, we use our swimming pools as a way to cool off and escape the heat. However, once the weather begins to cool down and temperatures start to drop, a cold pool doesn’t seem as inviting as it was a few months ago. One way to extend your swimming season beyond summer is to install solar pool heating in Eastern Sydney. Whilst there are other heating alternatives including electrical and gas heating, solar pool heating has some unique advantages that can provide you with efficient and effective pool heating year-round. Today, we’ll discuss our 5 top reasons to take advantage of solar pool heating in Eastern Sydney.

1 – Cost effective

Unlike an electric or gas heating system, a solar pool heater has no heating costs. In fact, the only operational cost is the electricity that is required for the pumps (this costs less than $1 per day). Solar pool heating relies on heat from the sun to increase the temperature of your water, rather than requiring expensive resources that can fluctuate in price. Whilst the initial cost to install swimming pool solar heating in Sydney can be somewhat expensive, the average system will pay for itself in around 6-7 years. This means that any time you heat your water beyond the payback period, it is essentially 100% free. Solar heating systems are also incredibly durable, meaning you will be able to enjoy the benefits far beyond the payback period.

2 – Environmentally friendly

Solar power is a form of renewable energy. Utilising an array of panels, heat is transferred from the sun to the water in your pool. Australia receives a great deal of sun, giving us a great opportunity to take advantage of swimming pool solar heating in Sydney. Unlike electrical and gas heaters, solar pool heaters do not require finite natural resources such as coal and gas. This makes them an incredibly sustainable choice for those who are environmentally conscious. In a world where coal generates over 14 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas every single year, it’s important for all of us to move towards more sustainable alternatives. 

3 – Low maintenance

Solar pool heating systems contain very few moving parts, meaning that they are extremely low maintenance. They don’t become blocked or clogged, and there are no motors or fans that need to be kept in good condition. Instead, solar pool heating systems use a series of tubes and small pumps which do not need to be regularly checked or maintained. Many people report that their solar pool heating has lasted for over 20 years. Gas heaters on the other hand are only given a predicted lifespan of around 5 years according to energy.gov. With advancements in solar panel technology, solar pool heating systems are only becoming more durable and requiring less maintenance than they did before.

Swimming pool solar heating Sydney

4 – Quiet

Another great advantage of solar pool heating systems is that they are extremely quiet in comparison to many electric and gas heaters. The humming sound from these heaters may not be that noticeable for some, however for others they can become a nightmare. When you switch to solar, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in peace and quiet every time you use your pool. Solar pool heating offers some the quietest heating technology on the market, so you can avoid the loud hum whilst you relax by the pool. After all, who wants to hear the sound of a fan or a motor whilst they’re trying to relax?

5 – Extended swimming season

The final and most obvious benefit of solar pool heating is that you are able to extend your swimming season beyond summer! Without pool heating in East Sydney, chances are that summer will be your only opportunity to enjoy the water. Most pool owners will only swim for 3-4 months of the year. With solar pool heating, you’ll still be able to swim once the weather cools down. Many people will argue that solar pool heating only works in summer due to the temperatures needed to heat your water, however this is simply not true. A spring or autumn day with little to no cloud cover is all that is required for your solar panels to heat up your pool.

Your trusted solar pool heating installer in Sydney

So, there you have it, our top 5 reasons to take advantage of solar pool heating. From sustainability to durability, swimming pool solar heating in Sydney is the way forward. At Sydney Solar Solutions, we install the highest quality solar systems that will ensure your pool stays warm, even throughout the colder months.  To find out some more tips, tricks and info on solar pool heating, you can visit our blogs page. If you’re interested in installing solar pool heating in Sydney’s East or the surrounding suburbs, please visit our contact page for a free quote.

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