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Solar Pool Heating

A solar pool heating system is simply a heating device for your pool that utilises solar energy from the sun in order to create heat.

Solar Pool Heating

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Solar Pool Blankets

At Sydney Solar Solutions, we have a wide range of high-quality solar pool blankets and covers to offer our customers.

Solar Pool Blankets

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Pool Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps (also known as electric pool heaters) are frequently used to heat pools for longer periods of time without reducing the effectiveness of the unit.

Pool Heat Pumps

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Pool Gas Heating

If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to heat up your pool or spa, we can install gas heaters that will deliver just that.

Pool Gas Heating

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Pool Filters

Pool filters are designed to filter the water in your pool and remove dirt and debris that can build up over time.

Pool Filters

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Pool Chlorination

If you want to swim in sparkling clear water without the smell of chlorine or the irritation caused by sanitising chemicals, consider a chlorinator for your pool.

Pool Chlorination

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Sydney Solar Solutions has the experience to complete even the trickiest of installations. We have worked with limited access sites, steep and high roofs with mounting systems designed to suit all roof types. There is no job too large or small, and nothing we haven’t seen before. Feel safe knowing that we have public liability insurance and working at heights certification to ensure you and your family are safe throughout solar pool heater installation and for many years to come.

Solar Pool Heating Sydney


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Since 1973, there have been over 400,000 Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems installed in over 50 countries


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Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems are designed to lower your energy costs, extend your swim season, increase the value of your property shrink your carbon footprint.


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Solar pool heating systems work by using solar collectors or panels to absorb heat solar energy and transfer it into your pool water. Solar collectors are usually mounted on the roof or in another exposed location, and are made from black tubes that take the water from your pool onto the roof. The sun will then heat the water in these tubes, which flows back to the pool, increasing the temperature of the water. A controller is also installed to regulate the flow of water in order to achieve the desired temperature. Solar pool heating in Sydney is highly effective, due to the intensity of the sun. Read more about how solar pool heating works.

The temperature increase you can expect from a solar pool heating system depends on a few different factors, including the size and number of your collectors, the amount of sunlight available, and the starting temperature of the pool. The more collectors you have, the larger your system and the more effective it will be at heating your water. However, on average, swimming pool heating sydney could raise the temperature of your pool by 10 degrees Celsius if you have achieved 100% solar coverage. This can allow you to swim once the weather cools down, extending your swimming season by months. Read more about how much warmer solar pool heating in Sydney will make your pool.

Yes, it’s possible to install solar pool heating on existing pools. The installation process typically involves adding a solar collector system to your existing pool plumbing, which can be done with minimal disruption to your pool and landscaping. However, it’s important to work with an experienced solar pool heating installer in Sydney to ensure that the system is properly designed and installed for maximum efficiency. If you have an existing pool that you’d like to install solar pool heating for, the team at Sydney Solar Solutions have got you covered. Read more about solar pool matting installing solar pool heating on an existing pool.

Our range of exceptional solar pool products can help extend your swimming season so you can enjoy your pool any day of the year. If you are looking for a hassle-free, experienced pool heating installer for your Sydney pool, please contact us. We would love to chat about how we can help you spend less and swim more!

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